Our annual end-of-season informational wrap up meeting will be on Thursday, December 5th, at the Community Cultural Center (CCC), 411 S. Western Avenue, 98855., from 3 - 5 pm. All are welcome. :-)

In 2019 our every-Thursday Markets ran between May 9th and November 21st. Outdoor days were again in Triangle Park (where Western Avenue meets Highway 97, at the north end of Tonasket, 98855) through October 17 and then we moved into the warmth of the CCC.

JOIN US in 2020!

New Vendors are always welcome. If you produce food or crafts locally (in Okanogan or Ferry County) read through our 2019 policies below. (Our policies haven't changed very much year-to-year, so until new forms are ready in Spring, these should give you a good idea of how our Market works.) Any questions, contact Tom Cloud, TFMarket manager, 486-2333, or

In 2019...

WIC / FMNP at Our Market

Tonasket Farmers Market participated in Women-Infant-Children (WIC) and Senior Farmers Market Nutritional Program (FMNP). The program goals are to provide fresh, healthy, unprocessed, locally-grown fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut herbs to WIC families and low-income seniors; and to support local farming by increasing the use of farmers markets, roadside stands, and community-supported agriculture.

More info on FMNP, Grower Applications, and Contract Agreements, is available (in English and Spanish) at the WA Dept of Health website

Food Stamps and Fresh Bucks at Our Market

In July 2016 we began using a token system to make it possible for vendors to accept Food Stamps at the Market. Shoppers can simply swipe their SNAP/EBT cards at our information booth and receive wooden Food Stamp tokens, good only at our Tonasket Farmers Market. SNAP Tokens can be accepted for all 'take home to eat' foodstuffs (produce, meat, cheese, canned and baked goods), but no hot/deli/restaurant items (like coffee and sandwiches), live animals, or plant starts.

Tonasket Farmers Market also participated in Food For All (FFA) "Fresh Bucks", a matching program which helps SNAP/EBT shoppers stretch their Market dollar by 40%! For every $5 of wooden SNAP Tokens purchased FFA gave $2 in Fresh Bucks, good at any farmers market. Fresh Bucks can be used to purchase fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, and edible plant starts. Unlike WIC, vendors do not need to apply for any permits with SNAP or Fresh Bucks.

Vendor Forms

Vendor Applications

People who are vending Prepared Foods (ready to eat, canned or baked goods) should check out the

Click to see the Complete Market Rules/Policies

(this page updated 11-24-19)


Market Manager

Tom Cloud, 509 486-2333,
(Tom also serves as the Market's bookkeeper)

Our Current Board

All vendors who sell at Market are members of the Association, and elect a Board of Directors to promote and oversee the Market.
  • Wayne Verbeck, President 429-0188

  • Carey Hunter, Vice President 322-8907

  • Tanya Palomares, Secretary 557-9782

  • Val Welles, Treasurer 486-8803

  • Linda Fowler 429-0346

  • Matt Linscott 992-7037

  • Mike Torrence 486 2010

  • Michelle Quinlan 485-2599
(area code is 509 for all numbers above)

write us
PO Box 772
Tonasket, WA 98855


Board meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month, at 1pm, at the CCC. Our meetings are open to the public, as the board strives to serve both its vendors and the customers who shop with us.

To fit your topic into the agenda, and do any necessary research, it helps to let us know beforehand. We ask you submit any grievance, complaint, or suggestion for improvement in writing. The board will discuss it at our very next meeting, and respond within a week after that meeting.

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Our Vendors Are Members

We've introduced health-conscious consumers to local farmers since 1998. Our stated purpose is to promote and encourage the development of small-scale agriculture and to provide and administer a seasonal marketplace for local producers of agricultural products, food, and crafts. All goods sold at the Market must be grown, produced and/or processed in Okanogan or Ferry County.

All vendors who sell at Market are members of the Association, and elect a Board of Directors to promote and oversee the Market. (See more about the board and meetings in the green side columns.)

2019 Market Dates

  • Vendor Meeting Dec 5, 3pm, CCC
  • LAST MARKET November 21st
  • Indoor Markets at the CCC
    Oct 24, 31 & Nov 7,14 & 21
  • Last Market in Triangle Park October 17

  • (Spring Vendor Mtg was April 18
    Opening Day was May 9th
    Plant Frenzy was May 11)

Board Meetings: 1st Mondays

(subject to change)
1pm, at the CCC
411 S. Western Ave.

  • March 4th

  • April 1st

  • May 6th

  • June 3rd

  • July 1st

  • August 5th

  • September 2nd 9th

  • October 7th

  • November 4th

  • December 2nd

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